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    15 Minutes

    Date: Wed Mar 07 2001
    From: tedfarr
    Official 15Minutes web site

    I was fortunate to see 15 Minutes at a free sneak preview. Why fortunate? Because I am able to view the movie without any preconceived notions, except those brought on by TV commercials. It is also fortunate because I didn't pay anything to see it.
    15 Minutes is by no means a bad movie. It has its thrills, chills, gunfights, fires, and hookers. On top of this, it tries to make a satirical statement about the state of the American public and the trash that passes for entertainment on TV. We see, from an outsider's viewpoint, how all of this can be interpreted by someone unfamiliar with America. What kind of opinion do you think a foreigner would get if it was formed by watching low-grade tabloid TV?
    The movie presents itself as a movie within a movie. This is not the only novel idea the movie tries to present. However, it still never feels fresh or new. This time we get the seasoned homicide detective teamed with a NYFD arson investigator. Do arson investigators really pack pistols? I don't know. What's next? Vice squad with a meter maid?
    I can never completely dismiss a movie with my main man Bob DeNiro. I still think he is one of the finest actors alive, even he seems to be shying away from the grittier roles. So, I would give this movie a middle rating, say 2 stars out of 4. It wasn't a bad way to spend a couple of hours, but I doubt it will stick with me for any period of time.

    Another view

    Dude, Where's My Car?

    Date: Wed Dec 20 2000
    From: tedfarr
    Dude, Where's My Car? ... Official Web Site

    As a movie buff, I have been called a movie snob at times. Yes, I like independent and art house movies. Yes, I watch, and enjoy, foreign movies with subtitles. But I like a good silly movie as much as the next guy. Last year, for instance, I was pushing through all of the January Oscar nominees that aren't released here until much later than the "big cities". After 3 or 4 of them, I needed a break. I saw Galaxy Quest. What a great movie. It was silly, but what it was most of all was CLEVER. Even a stupid movie can be clever. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure comes to mind. I went in with low expectations and was quite pleasantly surprised. More recently, American Pie and Road Trip had me laughing out loud frequently. I'm always up for a good fart joke.

    So, you may ask, what did I think of Dude, Where's My Car?. If I can do one thing to save my fellow denizens of earth from inhumane torture, it is DON'T SEE THIS STUPID, STUPID MOVIE! Now, please don't get me wrong. I actually wanted to see this movie. There is an unwritten rule regarding movies, however, that I should have heeded. If the studio does not make copies available early for critics, it is a safe bet that the movie really sucks. I like the two stars of the flick. Ashton Kutcher is a hoot on That 70's Show, and I really enjoyed Sean William Scott in two of the movies mentioned above. I think they tried to be clever with little jokes like the "twin" girlfriends of the two leads, but it all falls flat. I saw it in a theater with about 8 other people. I heard maybe two chuckles from the "crowd" during the entire movie. The only scene that was able to entice a titter from me involved a 15 foot babe alien in a miniskirt.

    Just please don't waste your time seeing this. My friends and I agreed on how sad it was that we just wasted 83 minutes of our lives that we will never, ever be able to reclaim.

    Little Nicky

    Starring Adam Sandler, directed by Stephen Brill
    Date: Sun Nov 26 2000
    From: dukeamania
    Little Nicky Web Site

    LITTLE NICKY is the latest Adam Sandler movie. You either like Sandler or don't. His last movie, BIG DADDY, was his most "main stream" endeavor to date. LITTLE NICKY, however, is his most bizzare film to date. He plays the youngest of the devil's three sons. The devil has decided to retire and needs to pick a successor. It seems he feels none of his sons are up to the task of running hell, so he decides to remain on the throne for another 10,000 years or so. Little Nicky is estactic, but his two older brothers are irate, so they decide to head up to earth to rule there and in the process created a hell on earth. Well, little Nicky, being the spawn of satan with a heart of gold is sent up to stop his brothers. Most of the comedy comes out of Nicky being a fish out of water during his first ever visit to earth. This movie is silly and stupid, but I found my self laughing almost the whole way through, so I guess I liked it. I can't say it is Sandler's best movie so far (although Roger Ebert did), but it was funny. Aiding Sandler is an all-star supporting cast including: Harvey Keitel, Rodney Dangerfield, Allen Covert, Robert Smiegel as a talking dog, Jon Lovitz, Patrica Arquette, Dana Carvey, the NBA's Bill Walton, Blake Clark, Resse Witherspoon, Tiny Lister, Regis Philben, Micheal McKean, Clint Howard, Quentin Taratino, Lewis Arquette, Rob Schneider, George Wallace, Ellen Cleghorne, Peter Dante, Carl Weathers, and Kevin Nealon as "tithead." With a cast like that, how could it not be entertaining?


    Date: Fri Nov 10, 2000
    From: tedfarr
    Bedazzled Web Site

    Okay, guys. Feel like a night out without the spouse/girlfriend? Don't feel like eating greasy wings and putting up with drunk rednecks at your local Hooters, but still want to ogle scantily clad (but not naked, or nekkid in the South) attractive women? Then Bedazzled is the movie for you. What you see in the commercials is what you get. Now, this could open a whole can of worms concerning movie studios giving too much of their movies away in the trailers (ala Meet the Parents, a funny movie, but you see most of the funniest parts in the commercials), but we won't go there.

    The plot is based on a Dudley Moore flick from the 60's. I haven't seen it, but I don't imagine that it is that much better, mainly because I haven't heard of it. In this telling of the story, Übergeek Brendan Fraser works as a technical service rep for a software company in San Francisco. Disdained by his peers and dismissed by the lady of his dreams, his lot in life appears hopeless - until the devil comes calling. Now, this may be sacrilegious, but if the devil really does look like Elizabeth Hurley, she can come knocking on my door any time. She changes from sexy outfit to sexy outfit quicker than Al Gore can retract his concession. The rest of the movie is pure window dressing for Hurley to parade around in and look, well, damn fine!

    In summary, I am glad I didn't go see this movie with a date, because it would have been painful to stifle all of the lewd comments that ran through my mind from beginning to end. Have a couple of beers with the boys and check out this movie to catch an eyeful of the devil doing her dirtiest. But please don't see this if you are looking for something that will stay with you longer than 5 minutes after the movie ends.

    The Legend of the Drunken Master

    Date: Fri Nov 10 2000
    From: tedfarr

    In Jackie Chan's latest chop sockey export from Hong Kong, The Legend of the Drunken Master, he must save ancient Chinese relics from falling into the hands of the despicable British museum curators. Okay, lets face it. The reason we go see Jackie Chan movies is not for the plot. Most often you can say, What plot? This one, however, makes more of an attempt to establish a story, somewhat. We have father-son tension, substance abuse hurting a family, and Chan cries. I smell Oscar!!

    Okay, seriously. I love Jackie Chan movies. Why? Because he can do some of the most amazing things with his body, he does his own stunts, and, of course, the outtakes at the end of the movie. Watching these, you can see why he has spent as much time in the hospital as he has. He is a fabulous physical comedian as well as a martial arts expert.

    I'm not going to give too much of this movie away, mainly because it would be pointless. Describing Chan's work in words is nearly impossible. Let's just say, watch for the final 20 minutes. I understand it took several months to choreograph and film. It is one of his best fight scenes yet, and, yes, that is real fire. See it, and you will know what I mean.

    This movie was originally released in 1994. Miramax has adopted the policy of re-releasing older Chan movies from his Hong Kong days in between the American vehicles he has been showing up in lately. Don't get me wrong, I loved Shanghai Noon, Owen Wilson paired up extremely well with Chan. Chris Tucker and Rush Hour, however, are a different story.

    One parting thought. Remember how bent out of shape the Brits got over their portrayal in The Patriot? Look how they are portrayed here. Artifact robbing, foppish snobs who don't even fight their own fights. That is what henchmen are for, right?

    Best in Show

    Subject: Best In Show
    Date: Tue Oct 24, 2000
    From: tedfarr

    Best in Show is a dog of a movie, but in a good way. Christopher Guest (Nigel Tufnel in Spinal Tap) turns his sights away from heavy metal music and community theater to show the goings on of a major dog show. The show is based on the famous Westchester Kennel Club show, and the dog owners featured are, I'm sure, based on people you would run into behind the scenes at one of these shows.

    Guest has surrounded himself with friends in this hilarious mockumentary. Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Fred Willard, and, of course, Michael (Spinal Tap singer David St. Hubbins/Lenny from Laverne and Shirley) McKean round out the stellar cast. Eugene Levy also co-wrote the script with Guest, although much of the film is improvised.

    The film revolves around five sets of dog owners, detailing their trips to Philadelphia, home of the Mayflower Dog Show, and their time in the City of Brotherly Love. Practically every scene provides a good laugh, with Fred Willard's TV color man providing some of the biggest guffaws.

    My only point of contention with this film is a slight, petty point, but one I am going to mention anyways. As a North Carolina native, I found Guest's accent for his Harlan Pepper from Pinenut, North Carolina, pretty poor, but what do you expect from a New Yorker?

    If you want to laugh, see this movie. It is easily the funniest movie I have seen this year. I give it two paws up and four tail wags.


    The Ladies Man

    Subject: Yeah...that was good
    Date: Mon Oct 23, 2000
    From: dukeamania

    Uh, yeah that's right, it is me, the ladie's man. I just wanted to tell you all that my close personal friend Mr. Duke Korey went to see my new movie over the weekend, but from what I understand, not with a lady...I am not saying that Duke is not straight, but we can explore that rumor later. Duke did enjoy the movie irregardless of being dateless, and he wanted to share that with you (I see he even e-mailed some ladies too, way to go Duke!)

    "I did enjoy the ladies man movie. it kind of had a plot. The scenes with Leon in them were very funny, but the scenes without him kind of were blah. I don't think it will win any academy awards this year, but overall the movie did have me laughing my ass off. And a fine ass it is!" --Duke Korey

    Yeah, that was nice of Duke to share those words with us. Now go get yourself in line and buy a ticket to see my movie and bring a notepad to take down some of the suggestions I make during my movie so that you and the skank of your choice can try some things out later in the evening. Yeah, that's right! Enjoy the movie and whatever else may come up afterwards!

    -Leon "the ladies man" Phelps