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James Crowninshield Korey, aka Duke (dk); Arrived on earth September 26, 1973 AD; Origin of nickname unknown; Last Known Address Roswell, GA; Posse Members Froggy, Turtle, Zo, The Hog & Vinnie; Special Powers [1] Able to recall where & with who he ever saw any movie [2] Able to spill small objects in a single motion [3] occasionally able to cause items to burst into flames      ...  Read up on some Lassister High School memories

a duke [1] noun: a British peer of the highest rank
a duke [2] noun: a nobleman (in various countries) of high rank
The [original] Duke [3]: John Wayne
duke [4] descriptive noun, as in "Boy, what a Duke"; as quoted by late grandfather Harry
duke [5] descriptive noun, as in "He pulled another Duke"; common expression of family members, used when activities of the following nature occur: loosing wallet when arriving in airport, leaving new shoes in mall food court "I thought you had them!", dropping father's video camera in lake, catching birch trees on fire, mowing entrance way to father's neighborhood with mower engulfed in flames, driving car with flaming tire down road, hitting house with car, etc.
Duke [6] name: fond name given to many hound dogs

On a dark Thursday night after the sun stopped shinning in April (April 29, 2004 to be exact),
The Duke took the stage at Dad's Garage for his worldwide Improv debut.... were you there?!?
Duke Korey: Improv Debut 1 Duke Korey: Improv Debut 2 Duke Korey: Improv Debut 3
Duke Korey: Improv Debut 4 Duke Korey: Improv Debut 5
Duke (center, red cape) and posse at Atlanta's
Music-MidTown Festival [May 2003]
Duke Korey at Music Midtown, 2003
The Duke, spoted flying back to his seat at the
Falcons/Bucs game [Nov 2001]
Duke Korey at Atlanta Falcons Game

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Duke's hairless look [Feb 2003]
Duke Korey - New Look
Duke's impromptu (and un-requested) Chris Farely
"In a van down-by-the-river" impersonation [Dec 2000]
Duke Korey - Down By The River routine
Some Duke-ish humor (contributed by Froggy)
"The Dominator" & "Anger Mgmt 2"

Duke Humor

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